Preparing for Parenthood

Parenthood is a beautiful journey – one that needs careful planning and execution for it to be able to work well. Preparing for parenthood is a crucial step, one that begins long before the actual pregnancy; and that begins with deciding when to have the baby. There is a multitude of factors that go into making the decision.

But the most important one will always be whether or not the mother is physically and mentally healthy enough to handle a pregnancy at said age. 

But with all this being said, why is it important to plan your parenthood journey? Why is it crucial for these discussions to be had? Here’s why.

Far too many parents have babies when they’re nowhere close to ready, thus affecting not just their mental health, but their child’s too. An unplanned or unexpected pregnancy runs the risk of creating dysfunctional families or individuals in the long run, and these are important consequences that everyone must consider while deciding whether or not they are ready to have children. 

In this blog, we’ll be delving deep into the various advantages and disadvantages of having children at different stages of life – thus allowing you the luxury of being informed before you make a decision! 



Being a young parent can either be exciting, or unnerving – but we’re here to help! The most important benefit to being a young parent is quite simply the fact that many life lessons are learned earlier on in life; thus, providing the parent with a certain kind of maturity that is very integral to being a parent. 

Biologically, there is a multitude of reasons that would work in favor of becoming young parents – the body is simply a lot more fertile when you are younger, making it very easy for you to get pregnant. Being young also means that your body’s strengths are at an all-time high, so you can be a lot less worried about recovery!

Becoming a young parent also allows you the luxury of having more time to be there for your child and the physical strength to keep up – so if your child wants to run around the park, you can follow them around a lot easier than an older parent could! This may seem insignificant, but being able to indulge in physical activity with your child is a major bonding experience – one that is too important to sideline.

There is also the added advantage of your child being closer in age to you, thus giving you both some closeness. 

But of course, being a young parent is not all rainbows and butterflies. There are quite a few challenges, starting from simply coping with more changes than you are mentally prepared for to the physicality of it all – and that’s not even counting the skyrocketing expenses that you’ll need to think of.

Not being able to make sense of what happening is a very harsh feeling to experience – and as young parents, you are more likely to go through it than the older ones. 





When it comes to being older parents, some benefits are obvious and easy to see – financial security, a sense of calmness that does wonders for the children, maturity, and quite simply, a greater appreciation for being a parent.  

The first benefit that comes with waiting to be parents and biding your time is the accumulated wealth that will certainly work in your favor. As older parents, you have the advantage of having more money than the younger ones, thus giving you the ability to give your children a comfortable life.

There is also an added advantage – the financial security affords you more time with your children, thus strengthening your bond with your child. 

In some cases, being an older parent means waiting a long while to have a child – this is a long wait that makes you develop an appreciation for parenthood in itself because it was not easy for you to get here. This enables a greater amount of effort from the parent, thus making life better for your child. 

However, becoming pregnant at a later stage of life does not come without its hiccups. The problems begin with getting pregnant itself – as an older person, your body is not as fertile as it could have been when you were younger.

There are many other pregnancy-related complications, like not being able to recover as swiftly and extended age-related health issues that have to do with the delivery of the baby. Raising the child can be a lot more draining for older parents, leaving them utterly exhausted at times. 



Being pregnant is not an easy ride – not only does it change you (physically and mentally), but it also changes any aspirations you may have, whether you like it or not. Your surroundings and your life are thrown for a toss completely, what with the uncertainty of your plans while also managing to birth and raise a child?

As such, the importance of planning your pregnancies around your aspirations and capabilities is of utmost importance. Here are some factors to be considered while preparing for pregnancies: 

Personal Goals and Priorities:

Your entire world turns on its axis when you receive a positive pregnancy test. Any plans that you have for the immediate future would easily be overthrown, what with thoughts of the pregnancy, the impending childbirth, and what comes after taking over every fiber of your life.

While preparing for a pregnancy, it is very important to know that the baby will take up all the space in your life for a time; so, make sure to plan accordingly! 

Financial Stability:

While the excitement of having a baby can be very consuming, it can also be distressing to think of the expenses that come with having to birth and raise one. Right from the pre-natal appointments and supplements during the pregnancy, the actual childbirth, to all the exponential expenses following the birth – having a child is sure to burn a hole in your pocket.

So, when you plan your pregnancy, always make sure to consider your financial position.

Health Considerations:

It must be noted that being healthy is going to greatly increase your chances of having a smooth pregnancy. It also decreases any chances of pregnancy complications. You must go through preconception checkups and speak to your healthcare provider to gain an idea about conditions that may affect your pregnancy.

Support System:

‘Do I have people who would support me through the pregnancy?’ This is a common worry amongst those who are looking to get pregnant because it is a heavy decision where the parents would end up needing a whole lot of support.

Birthing and raising a baby are no cakewalk – and it requires a high amount of support from those around you to be able to do it right. So, while planning a pregnancy, it is important to take stock of the people around you!



Taking the above-mentioned key factors into consideration is one of the most important parts of preparing for a pregnancy. Many affecting factors like finances, mental and physical health, and the surrounding factors that are beyond your control are all things that need to be well thought out.

Biologically, the age of the female partner needs to be given much consideration, what with women being highly fertile in their 20s and late 30s.  

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