Mens health during partners pregnancy

Pregnancy is an extremely taxing time for women – the weight gain, changes in the body, and the inevitable childbirth itself can take so much away from a pregnant woman, and that’s not even including the mental health concerns. However, there is a small aspect of a woman’s pregnancy that is often overlooked.

The Male Partner’s Health.

Sure, it is nowhere close to what the female partner goes through – but there are concerning changes that males need to be aware of so they can always keep themselves in peak health.

Men’s health during pregnancy is an underrated topic that isn’t talked about much, and in this blog, we’re going to delve deep into the nuances of what it means for the male partner’s health when their female counterpart is pregnant.

Keeping Emotional Problems at Bay 

Mental health is a strenuous issue to handle on any given day for both men and women. While pregnancy-related mental health issues have always been a primary point of focus for women, it has not been a concern that men have been predominantly briefed about. Most of society does not view men’s mental health during their female partner’s pregnancy as a priority – but that is slowly beginning to change.

Here are some of the most common mental health issues that men face during their female partner’s gestational period. 

  • Anxiety and Stress: It is common knowledge that expectant mothers are highly affected by anxiety and stress, especially in the early stages of pregnancy – but did you know that the dads may be affected by it too? Studies have revealed that 1 in every 10 expectant fathers can experience grave symptoms of depression during the pregnancy or in the initial days following childbirth.
  • Fear and Uncertainty: For some dads, the fear is tied in with their worry that embracing fatherhood and becoming ‘responsible adults’ may just spell the end of their youth and happy days. There is also the general stereotype that women do better when it comes to caring for children, which may make men feel inadequate and uncertain about their role in the parenting journey. If your partner’s pregnancy is stressing you out, please know that we offer customized and catered treatment plans that are made keeping your partner in mind – you can be assured that they are in safe hands! 
  • Depression and Mood Swings: When male partners experience depression or mood swings during their female partner’s pregnancy, it is usually attributed to their pregnant partners going through the same thing – however, that is not always the case. Depression and anxiety in new fathers are only further increased by the lack of access to treatment for the same for them. 
  • Relationship Issues: Given the multitude of mood swings that are experienced by both parties, arguments, and disagreements are given. However, these arguments may lead to long-term repercussions, thus causing issues between the expecting couple. 

Keeping the Purse Strings Intact 

If the male partner finds himself spending during the pregnancy, it can be overwhelming to realize that the expenses are a lot more than usual. Money slips away when it comes to having and raising a baby – and to be suddenly hit by these expenses can be an overwhelming prospect for most. Here are some common financial problems that may cause issues for the male partner. 

  • Cost of prenatal care and Delivery: Having a baby can be expensive – just the prenatal scans and regular checkups alone can burn a huge hole in one’s pocket. The mental effects of having to manage such heavy financial burdens can cause great stress for both parties – the males too.
  • Cost of baby supplies and equipment: As far as having a baby and raising them is concerned, many expenses would occur that need to be managed. More often than not, these expenses can be split into one-time expenses or recurring expenses – both of which have a way of stressing out both parents.  

How Do I Cope?

Coping with the stress that comes with having a pregnant partner is not an easy feat just being barraged by lots of new information could be highly overwhelming. The crazy part is – it does not end there. Adjusting to the newness of it all is only the beginning of a male partner’s worries. But worry not, there are many ways for a male to cope with their female partner’s pregnancy.

  • Communicating with your partner:  In times like pregnancy, many other issues take precedence, leaving communication between partners sidelined. This does more harm than good for any couple navigating a relationship during pregnancy. While communication during pregnancy is essential, it can also help the male partner cope with the changes that may appear out of control at times. Openness and honesty are some of the most effective ways to strengthen your relationship during pregnancy and beyond.
  • Seeking support from friends and family:  It is well known that for most, family and friends are support systems like no other. To be able to lean on them in tough times is a blessing – one that a male partner feeling low during his partner’s pregnancy can make full use of. Sometimes, family or friends with prior experience of the man’s struggles may also be able to not just lend a listening ear, but solutions too.
  • Joining a Support Group:  In times like these when the man feels like he is shouldering his burdens all on his own, it may be of some help to hear from those in similar situations – joining a support group is probably the best way to go about it. Being able to hear solutions or experiences may not just be comforting, but eye-opening as well!
  • Taking care of your health and well-being: This is an underrated topic of discussion when it comes to men. While it is the pregnant woman’s health that is usually treated with reverence, it must be noted that coping with stress for the male partner is made manageable by taking good care of themselves and making their health a priority. Going on regular walks, jogs, or working out is a great way to keep your health in check. 


Pregnancy is predominantly a woman’s battle – but never underestimate the effect that it may have on the male partner. The male partner’s struggle during the female’s pregnancy is one of a mental nature rather than physical, but it is no less important and concerning. It is highly encouraged that the males seek professional help to cope with all the new changes that pregnancy brings. Being able to open up to someone who can help will always be a great way to reduce the fear and stress that the uncertainty of it all brings. 

Sudha Fertility Centre is home to some of the best mental health professionals in the country – and we are more than willing to help out anyone wanting to make sense of the changes around them. If you’re ever in need of help, know that we’ve always got your back! 



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