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Best Fertility Centre in Krishnagiri!

At Sudha Fertility Centre, the best fertility centre in Krishnagiri, we strive to provide the best treatment with a focus on care and empathy. Taking a holistic approach and paying equal attention to both partners’ fertility issues, we explore all avenues to help you become a parent.
At our facility, we provide you with sophisticated operating theatres and ultrasound rooms, which would amplify your seamless experience during the treatment process. Our ICU is well equipped to handle any unprecedented emergencies, and we also house a ready labour ward to facilitate as smooth of a childbirth as possible for all our patients.
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Elevate your expectations of parenthood with our distinguished healthcare services, designed to empower and support you on this transformative journey.
  • Advanced Embryology Labs for IVF and ICSI procedures
  • High-tech Ultrasound Room
  • 50 beds for patient stay
  • Accessible and affordable treatment options
  • State-of-the-art Operation theatres (OTs)
  • Hi-Tech laboratory working around the clock
  • A 24×7 functioning lab and pharmacy
  • Labor room for pregnant women to ensure safe childbirths
  • NICU and ICU facilities
Chief Consultant
Chief Consultant
Dr. S. Pradeepa


Dr. Pradeepa’s unwavering commitment to excellence has garnered global acclaim from a diverse clientele. Following her appointment as Vice President at Sudha Fertility Centre, a strategic and meticulously planned expansion initiative led to the establishment of 19 branches within an impressive span of just 5 years, all of which are now thriving successfully.

In house Consultant
Dr. Kanimozhi

MBBS , DGO, DIP ART - Consultant IVF & ART Specialist

Dr. Kanimozhi, Fertility Consultant, Sudha Fertility Centre, Krishnagiri, brings expertise in reproductive medicine with qualifications including MBBS, DGO, and ART certification. With a track record of over 98 ICSI, 117 IUI, and numerous IVF procedures, Dr. Kanimozhi has earned the trust of over 1700 patients through her compassionate care and sound advice. With almost 3 years of dedicated service, she has also demonstrated proficiency in laparoscopic, hysteroscopic, and other related procedures, ensuring top-quality care for her patients.

Dr. Bhuvaneswarri

MBBS ., MS(OG) - Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecologist

Dr. Bhuwaneshwari J, MBBS, MS (OG), is a dedicated gynecologist at our Sudha Fertility Centre. With expertise in procedures such as LSCS and hysterectomy, she has provided care to over 150 patients. Dr. Bhuwaneshwari J’s commitment to excellence ensures her patients receive exceptional treatment and support.

In house Consultant
Sudha Fertility Centre, Krishnagiri
Amongst many other things, maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise routine can positively impact fertility.
A good diet can positively influence a patient’s fertility levels by optimising ovulation, enhancing sperm quality and boosting the chances of successful implantation.
Stress cannot directly cause infertility, but it can serve as a catalyst towards it. Mental health conditions like anxiety and depression can play a huge role as well.
Sudha Fertility Centre is a distinguished leader renowned for our exceptional expertise in IVF treatment. We boast an impressive 80% success rate and many successful pregnancies.