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Best Fertility Centre in Colombo

Step into the world of parenthood with Sudha Fertility Centre, the best IVF Centre in Colombo! We bring the safest and simplest procedures to you and help you realise your dreams of starting a family.

Our experienced staff and modern labs make Sudha Fertility Centre, the best fertility centre in Colombo, where your dreams of having a child come to life! We believe in a joyful and easy treatment process- and our dedicated team of doctors and support staff strive to provide exactly that. Our treatment plans, counselling services and round the clock care make us the clear choice to be part of your parenthood journey.

As you jump step into a new phase of life, make sure to give yourself the best care you can ever receive. Consult us today.


As a reputed and trusted name in the fertility treatment circles, Sudha Fertility Centre has led the charge in providing the best treatments. With over three decades of experience and skilful medical professionals who are trailblazers in their field, we are your first choice for a stress-free experience.

  • Personalised treatment plans and comprehensive diagnostic evaluations
  • The best and dedicated in-house clinicians and support staff
  • Cost efficient procedures
  • Ease of access to patients across the country
  • A wide range of treatments and services
  • High success rates and a dearth of experience
  • A supportive and conducive environment


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What is the role of a fertility specialist in the treatment process?

Fertility specialists diagnose and treat fertility problems in order to help those who are unable to conceive. They treat both male and female conditions.

How do we ensure patient comfort and confidentiality during fertility treatments?

As per established and strictly followed protocol, all of the details of patients at Sudha Fertility Hospital are always kept confidential. Patients can be assured that their details are not being used for anything apart from the intended purpose.

What is the difference between a fertility centre and a fertility laboratory?

A fertility centre is an institution of healthcare where infertile couples come in to be guided on their path towards fertility. A fertility laboratory is a part of a fertility clinic where related procedures are facilitated

What is the cost of IVF treatment in Colombo?

IVF treatments can be availed at Sudha Fertility Centre at a cost of Rs 75,000.



No. 22, Dutugemunu Street, Pamankada, Dehiwala, Colombo, Srilanka – 0094.

+91 0712915157, 0767393911

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